NTUC Members Enjoy Fun-Filled Walk on the Golf Course

It was an exciting fun-filled day as some 300 NTUC members and their family and friends attend '(Connect)u – Fun on the golf course with your family!' on 15 July 2012 at the Orchid Country Club. The event was organised by NTUC Membership under the `Discover the Power of U' initiative.

Guest-of-Honour NTUC President Diana Chia flagged off the 1.6 km fun-walk at the golf course. She said: "This is a way by which we actually create time for you and your family to make it better for you, and also this golf course is actually meant for the Labour Movement. And you are a part of our Labour Movement and part of us."

This is the first time the Labour Movement held a family bonding event of such a scale at a golf course in Singapore. All this was made possible as the Orchird Country Club is a part of the Labour Movement.

During the session, Mr Choy and Mr Seow dispelled some myths about freelance professionals and the nature of what they do.

The event provided a rare opportunity for many to set foot on the golf course for the first time and walk on the designated trail aroutnd the golf course dotted with Fun Stops. Young children were also exposed to golfing-learning golf in a fun, safe and innovative way through Kindergolf.

Many attractive prizes were also up for grabs which saw 'Best Dressed' competition winner Ms Ngia Xi En walking away with a new iPad. She said: "Although I am a NTUC member, this is the first time I took part in a NTUC event. I came here with my parents, my husband and four children. There are a variety of activities suitable for all generations. We enjoyed ourselves very much. Winning the 'Best Dressed' family competition is definitely a bonus. I will continue to take part in other NTUC activities."

Shared NTUC Membership Director Vivek Kumar: "NTUC now has over 690,000 3-gen members. Our new strategy is to help them `Discover the Power of U' – the Labour Movement in most unique ways. This opportunity to walk the golf course with one's family would be the first ever for many, including myself! Participants would be able to discover ethnic performances in a rather unusual setting of a golf course. `Power of U' would continue to enthral NTUC members in coming months with excitements such as a U Grand Prix Party, a U Picnic and a U Mega Dance."

  Toolkit for Freelance Professional
At the event, a new record was also set in the Singapore Book of Records (SBOR) for the Largest Collage Made By Pieces Of Coloured Paper, called the `Big Picture for U', made with event photos and pieces of coloured paper.

Words by Joshua Joseph

Article courtesy of NTUC Media

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